Oracle Primavera Unifier Version 22.10 新特征

2023/11/30 9:37:28



Primavera Unifier 22.10 

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这个10月,Oracle更新了Primavera Unifier 22版本最新特征,需要注意的是,此次更新是根据Primavera Unifier Cloud 云版更新的功能发布,而不是国内用的较多的本地部署版(OP),考虑到ORACLE的常规操作是云版先行再下发到OP,因此不出意外,在本月底或下月初,Primavera Unifier 22.12 本地部署版或许会公布

有对Primavera Unifier 22新功能感兴趣的朋友可查看此文

参考官方资源:Oracle Primavera Unifier 22 New Feature

Primavera Unifier 22.10 

Dynamic Data Sets

Set Default Value when Value Set Pulldown has One Possible Value

If a value set has only one possible value, a dropdown list can be forced automatically to select that one value. For example, if the user picks a State/Province and there is only one City location in that state, that one city will be selected automatically.


Enhanced Functionality for Filters in Views

Filters in views have two upgrades. First, you can use AND or OR operators to match all conditions or any conditions. This allows you to, for example, create a filter to show all rows with CBS Code ABC or Short Description XYZ. Second, a data element can now be used more than once within a filter, allowing you to specify, "show all rows with CBS Code ABC OR CBS Code XYZ."


Rename Attachments in Business Processes

A new option in the gear menu in attachments allows you to rename a file that has already been uploaded.

The pop-up dialog will not allow duplicate or blank file names.

User Interface

New Upload Window for attachments in Business Processes

Uploading attachments in business processes features a new upload window that allows drag-and-drop operations, including revision options, file or file-and-folder uploads, and editing capabilities.

Enhanced drag-and-drop capabilities are also available in the Document Manager.


Support for Cash Flow Integration - Unifier and Primavera Cloud

A new node called Primavera Cloud is added to Integrations in the Company Workspace (Admin mode). It captures all the information required to integrate Unifier and Primavera Cloud, with Unifier both pushing and pulling cash flows.

Send baseline, forecast, and actual curve data – and receive portfolio budget data from Primavera Cloud -- using the "send" and "get" data options in the Cash Flow log.

A Unifier administrator can also send and get cash flow data for multiple projects from the mini shell log.

This enhancement is available to all single-tenant and on-premises Unifier customers.

Cost Sheets

Standard Interface for Cost Sheet Columns in Shell Templates

The standard interface is now used for setting and updating columns in a Cost Sheet template. This configuration can be pushed to update either shells or shell templates.


Push User Preference Templates to Partner Users

User preference templates can now be pushed out to partner users. The User/Group picker now allows an administrator to select Partner Company users as well as Sponsored Company users. The History log, under Update User Type, distinguishes Partner Users from Users, who are members of the sponsoring company.

Line Items

Set Default for Published Line Item Statuses

Default status settings of line items can now be set or updated. When set in uDesigner, this will cause line items created by users to honor the default line item status. Toggle the Default button to reset the line item status of both published and unpublished items.


Support for Currency Decimal Places in Cash Flow and Portfolio Management

Support for currency decimal places – as defined in Standards & Libraries – is now extended to Project and Company Cash Flows as well as Portfolio Manager Sheets.

In shell templates where cashflow detail curves are defined, a new option titled User Currency Decimal Precision allows the user to select the currency default precision or set decimal options manually.

In the Portfolio Manager, a user can choose manually-set decimal places or the currency's decimal precision.

Cost Sheets

CBS Attributes in Cost Sheet Columns and Views

Add CBS attribute data elements such as Status or Owners as read-only values in Cost Sheet columns. These data elements are also available for filter, group-by, and sort-by operations in views.


Worksheet Snapshots in Standard Interface

Worksheet snapshots are now handled using the standard interface, including the dialog for creating snapshots, the snapshot log, and the snapshots themselves.

Primavera Unifier 22.9

Activity Sheets

Assign Resources and Roles in Activity Sheets

Use the new Assignments tab in Activity sheets to add resources and roles to an activity. Resources may be created manually, drawn from the Master Rate Sheet, or received from P6.

Additional features:

  • Calculate Planned Start and Finish dates for assigned resources based on activity type.
  • Calculate Planned, At Completion, Actual, and Remaining units for an assigned resource based on activity calendar and default units/time.
  • Spread Planned, At Completion, Actual, and Remaining cost using resource rates on the effective date.
  • Calculate Actual, Remaining, and At Completion cost spread based on the data date.
  • Maintain historical data and perform Earned Value calculations such as BAC, EAC, EV, SV, CV, CPI, and SPI.

Fixed Duration Type for Activity Sheets

The uuu_duration_type data element is added to Activity Sheet attributes, allowing you to estimate activity completion time based on the progress of the schedule.

User Mode Enhancements

Bulk Editing of Single-Instance Business Processes

Single-record business processes are now available in the Master Log, showing BP records across shells in a single log. With requisite permissions, you can now:

  • View and edit record information
  • Bulk-edit records across multiple shells
  • Define filtered views

Blanket Purchase Orders

Fix for Blanket Purchase Orders

For non-workflow business process, a Blanket Purchase Order sheet will now be created only when the record has been submitted for the first time, in the same manner as a non-workflow Cost business process rolls up to the Cost Sheet. Any addition or removal of line items will reflect on the BPO sheet only when the record is submitted, not saved.

In previous versions, a BPO sheet would be created as soon as a line item was added to a non-workflow BP record. Adding or removing line items would immediately reflect on the sheet. However, these were not accessible until the record had been submitted, rather than just saved.

Primavera Unifier 22.8

Audit Logs

Audit Log Changes in BP Records

The Audit Logs in business process records now display the mode of entry or change to a record and line items in the record, whether via REST, SOAP, CSV, or reverse auto-population.


RESTful Services for BP Record Attachments

Two new RESTful services have been added that allow external applications to interact with attachments on business process records.

The first service enables an external application to retrieve a list of all attachments on a BP record.

The second enables the external application to retrieve some or all of those BP record attachments.


Push Users to Shells of All Statuses

A project administrator can now push users to shells through a shell template, regardless of the shell status. This allows new users to access information in completed projects that have an Inactive status.

Updated Information Screen in Project Templates

The Project Information screen at the Template level now provides an updated user interface, consistent with the rest of the application.


Improved Mail Handling

The email engine has been upgraded, and the mail retrieval frequency has been shortened from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.

Primavera Unifier 22.7

uDesigner and Data Structure Setup

Support of Currency Decimal Precision in Pickers

Last month, currency data elements in business processes, attributes, cost sheets, and other cost managers gained the ability to honor currency decimal precision when displaying and calculating amount values. This month, the following pickers have been enhanced to that precision when displaying currency amounts:

  • Business Process Pickers
  • Reference Contract Picker
  • Line Item Pickers
  • BP Data Pickers
  • Line Item Data Pickers
  • BPO and BPO Line Item Pickers
  • Shell Data Picker
  • User Data Picker
  • CMx Data Picker
  • Shell Picker
  • Shell Data Picker
  • Planning Item Picker

Support of Currency Decision Precision in the Funding Module

With this enhancement, you can view the default decimal places for currencies defined in the Company Workspace > Standards & Libraries. Formula calculations and rounding will be based on the number of decimal places specified for the currency. This impacts the following areas in User mode:

  • Company- and Shell-level business processes that can have currency amount
  • data definition elements
  • Attribute forms that support currency amount data definitions
  • Funding Sheet & Commitment Funding Sheet
  • Dashboards
  • UDRs
  • Data Views
  • Data Cube Definitions
  • Picker data elements
  • Auto-creation, auto-populate, and reverse-auto-populate fields and records.

Primavera Unifier 22.6

User Administration

Proxy Support for Collaborator Users

A collaborator user can become a proxy for another collaborator user. This prevents a situation where a task is stuck because a collaborator is on leave or unable to work on the task.

A collaborator user can have a proxy who is:

  • a Standard User belonging to the Owner company
  • a Standard User belonging to the Partner Company, or
  • a Collaborator User belonging to the Partner Company

Standards and Libraries

Define Number of Decimal Places for Currency Fields

Unifier administrators can specify from zero to four decimal places when defining a currency. All formulas, auto-populate, and reverse auto-populate currency elements will honor the decimal places defined for the currency. Once a currency has been defined, the "Decimal Places" field will no longer be editable.

Day 1 Impact:

  • Existing business process records and sheets with currency amounts will be rounded off to the decimal places specified in the currency details window for the selected project/base and transactional currency
  • Currencies with two decimal places will not show any changes.

uDesigner and Data Structure Setup

Data Element to Capture Record and Line Item Attachment Count

The read-only uuu_attachment_count data element keeps a running total of the number of attachments on the current form. For example, a submittal form may require a user to attach a file; a validation check would ensure that the user had not forgotten add to attachments to records or line items.

15-Decimal Point Precision for CMx, WBS, and Planning Sheets

In WBS sheets, Direct Entry or Formula Columns based on Sys Numeric logical data sources now support up to 15 decimal places of precision.

Day 1 Impact:

  • Direct Entry columns based on a Currency Amount or Decimal Amount data definition will honor the decimal precision set in the data element properties
  • Columns whose data definition is based on Currency Amount will honor the decimal precision defined for the Project Currency / Base Currency

For CMx sheets, decimal places are not defined in column properties; instead, a column will honor the decimal precision selected in the data element properties.

Day 1 Impact:

  • The decimal precision set in the data element properties will be honored
  • Direct cell entry columns based on Currency Amount or Decimal Amount data definitions will not show additional decimal formatting options

For Planning Sheets, columns based on SYS numerical logical data source and SYS numeric data source will support 15 decimal places instead of the previous limit of 8 decimal places.

Day 1 Impact:

  • Manual entry columns based on the Decimal Amount definition will not show additional formatting options
  • The decimal precision set in the data element properties will be honored

For the Generic Cost Manager, columns based on Business Process, Direct Entry, or Formula will honor project currency decimal places when saving or viewing data in columns. When "Show as percentage" is selected, the number of allowable decimal places is increased to 15.

Remove "Sum of All Rows" Property from Some SPA Data Elements

In Summary Payment Applications, the Sum of All Rows option for formula columns is removed. In the Elements Properties window, the Summary Total field will show "As Defined" for formulas instead of "Sum of all Rows".

Schedule of Values

Allow Updates to SOV Descriptions

With this enhancement, contractors or subcontractors are able to edit Description/Breakdown information for line items even after they have been added to or rolled up the SOV Sheet.

Schedule Management

Support for Work Hours in Calendar and Date/Time for Activity Sheets

Resources can be assigned to the activities with work effort estimates at the hour level. Working hours per day can be defined in Activity Sheets calendars as well as custom calendars. In addition, durations will be calculate based on work hours and hours/day based on date and time pickers.

Deprecations and Removals

Removal of Classic View in UDRs

The option to create, update, and run User Defined Reports using the Classic UI has been removed and is no longer supported.

The following areas will be impacted by this change:

  • Company-level UDRs
  • Shell-level UDRs
  • All types of user-define reports: Tabular, Cross Tab, Alert, and Summary

Primavera Unifier 22.5

Admin: uDesigner and Data Structure Setup

Include Assignees and Copy Users from Data Elements

A Unifier workflow is able to draw a list of users from a previously-defined list in another data element. While this enhancement can be applied in any business process, it is usually more useful in communication BPs, such as Meeting Minutes. In uDesigner, two new sections are introduced in the Step Properties screen, allowing the designer to add additional task assignees and CC users from specified data elements.

For example: Within uDesigner, a data element can capture task assignees and a CC user list from a list of meeting attendees. An administrator can configure a step where additional assignees and CC users can only be added from the line item tab and upper form of a BP. And finally, the Unifier end-user only needs to add assignees and CC users once – in the line item tab – without having to enter them again in the workflow panel.

Primavera Unifier 22.4


Email Attachments via Links

Unifier now presents the option for email attachments to be presented as links, with the option controlled by an administrator separately on each business process.

Within an email, a user will see a link that will navigate the user to Unifier and trigger the corresponding attachment. The record itself can be seen by clicking the button labeled, "View in Unifier".

The user can also select "Download All Attachments" in the email. This will take the user to Unifier, navigate to the corresponding record, and click the "Download All Attachments" button. The download will be provided as a .zip file, prepared by Unifier in the background while the user continues to work in Unifier.

For users who have selected a daily digest of email notifications, messages from a business process without this new feature will retain their existing designs, including files with the email as attachments. BPs with this feature enabled will see the new email structure with attachment links, the View in Unifier button, and the "Download All Attachments" option.

Email notifications with attachments will now include a "View in Unifier" button which will log the user into Unifier and open the associated record automatically.

uDesigner and Data Structure Setup

Increased Decimal Precision for Data Elements

Previous versions of Unifier rounded data elements to 8 decimal points, leading to difficulties with certain currencies. Now, Unifier offers up to 15 decimal places for system-defined and user-defined data elements.

The following areas will show this precision:

  • All shell-level and company-level business process forms
  • Attributes: Shell, Cost, Fund, Document Manager, User, Space Manager, Configurable Manager, Planning Manager, and Activity Manager

Company Lists and Pickers

Standard Interface for CBS Picker

CBS Picker screens which are opened through hyperlinks are presented using the standard user interface.

Document Manager and Submittals

Bug Fix for Incomplete Downloading of Unpublished Documents

When selecting a large number of files for simultaneous download from Document Manager's Unpublished Documents folder, the download process will continue until all files have been downloaded.


Blanket Purchase Order Summary Sheet - New Interface

The BPO Summary Sheet is now presented with the new interface with on-demand refreshing, print capabilities, and the find-on-page feature.

Each blue-colored value in the sheet can be clicked on to display item details in the right or lower pane

Resizing the window does not impair this functionality.

Add All SOV Lines to a Classic Payment Application

In previous versions of Unifier, a pay app reviewer or approver might be confused because of how the line item grid displays only those lines updated in the current period.

With this version of unifier, a uDesigner developer can opt for all SOV Lines in the pay app to be shown and summed. However, this configuration will be OFF by default to avoid negative Day 1 Impact situations.

User Interface

Upgrade for Shell Navigation

The Shell Navigator has been upgraded for easier visibility of recent locations, key locations, and bookmarks. Searching is still available, and the Open All Locations button provides a new interface with familiar functionality.


Activity Sheet Templates Push to Shells

New Activity Sheet templates can now be pushed to existing shells. Within the Shell Templates under the Activity Sheet log, administrators have the option to push an Activity Sheet template either Company Sponsored shells or other shell templates of the same type.

Activity Sheet templates can also be added to Configuration Packages.


Enhanced Copy Column Feature in Planning Sheets

Copying columns in Planning Sheets has been enhanced. Regardless of which column is currently highlighted, selecting Copy Column Data will open a dialog box which allows you to select the source column, the percentage of the column to copy, the destination column, and all or some of the rows to copy.

If copying only some of the rows, click the Partial radio button and use the Select button to choose which rows to copy.

Deprecations and Removals

The classic view is no longer supported in Planning Sheets.

Primavera Unifier 22.3

User Interface

Add Attachments when Creating Line Items in Form-based View

The process for adding attachments to a line item when using a form-based view is simpler. Previously, while adding a new line item to a business process record, you had to first save the line item before the Attachments and Linked Records tabs were visible. In this version, you can add attachments and linked records at the time of creating a new line item.

If a form includes the ability for users to add attachments to line items, then the details pane in the Form-based View will display tabs for Attachments and Linked Records. This improvement applies to both workflow and non-workflow BPs.

Company Lists and Pickers

Hyperlink Picker Enhancements

This release includes support for custom URIs and advanced formulas for hyperlinks generated within Unifier.

  • Custom URI: integration with other software is enabled through the use of custom URIs beyond those of type http or https.

  • Advanced Formulas: a hyperlink picker can take advantage of advanced formulas to dynamically build a complex hyperlink syntax – so you can design a single field that changes according to the data in a BP record.

Existing standard hyperlink pickers should work as expected. For non-standard URIs in the hyperlink picker, Unifier will validate the URL in a hyperlink picker every time a BP record is saved/sent to the next step in the workflow. This validation is done regardless of how the hyperlink picker is created.

  • The URL is validated for acceptable format and against the allowed URIs. This closes a security loophole and ensures Unifier does not allow saving of any security-sensitive URL.
  • Unifier also validates the URL every time a user clicks on the hyperlink, ensuring a secure handling of hyperlinks.

For security reasons, the URLs in a hyperlink picker should include http(s) or the allowed URIs set by the company administrator. Company administrators must ensure they include required URIs in the “Allow URIs” field of the Security tab of the Company Properties.


Download All Attachments from a BP Log

Previously, from within a BP log, attachments could only be downloaded one a time. With this enhancement, all attachments associated with a record can be downloaded at once from the details pane of a BP log record. A new toolbar is provided with the option to ‘Find on Page' to quickly find a file of interest and to download all attachments.

uDesigner and Data Structure Setup

Increased Decimal Precision

Float-type data elements now support more than 8 decimal places, limited only by the column size defined in the database. This enhancement applies to Exchange Rate defined in the Standards and Libraries, as well as the following system data elements: currency_rate, usd_currency_rate, uuu_proj_rate_override, and uuu_base_rate_override.


Support for Activity Sheet Templates

Previously, Unifier supported the creation of one or more project schedules directly in Unifier using custom activity sheets. With this version, activity sheet templates can be defined in both company- and shell-levels.

Where an activity sheet template is included in a shell template, it will be automatically created when a project is created with that shell template. This provides the ability to quickly build a standard WBS/OBS structure


No Concurrent Updates on Non-Workflow Cost BPs

There are some situations in which a non-workflow Cost BP can be updated concurrently. However, this can introduce data corruption when a subsequent update completes before a prior update does. To prevent this from happening, Unifier will postpone all subsequent calls until the current transaction is complete.


Workflow Step Revisiting

Currently, in Unifier, when a workflow step is being revisited (Step Revisiting = ‘Include only previous action takers' in the Workflow setup), if the previous action taker is inactive, then the task gets assigned to all users in that step. In this release, Unifier will prevent the record from getting routed to the step if the user who previously acted on that step is inactive. An alert will be displayed that will prompt the user to notify the administrator about this error.

When this condition is detected, a designated Project Administrator will be notified to take further action before the workflow proceeds. This avoids a situation where a record could be sent – by default – to unauthorized personnel.


Effective Date for Cash Flow Actuals

A user is now able to set the effective date on which actuals are included in a CBS or Summary CBS type cash flow curve with data coming from the cost sheet. This can help avoid situations where pre-construction expenditures present a misleading view of project finances.

For example, a CBS is forecast to spend in two years' time, but any pre-development spend on this CBS code would bring the start date of the forecast to the current month. This enhancement allows actuals to be recorded against the project but not to be recorded as actuals within the cash flow.

Deprecations and Removals

The following features are removed in version 22.3:

  • Import in Workflow Setup
  • Import in UDR Templates

Both these features are superseded by Configuration Packages.

Primavera Unifier 22.2


CSV Output for Scheduled User-Defined Reports

At both company and shell levels, a scheduled user-defined report can now output to a comma-separated variable – or CSV – file. For administrators, CSV output is specified in the last tab of a UDR Template definition.

Existing UDR templates will have the CSV option available, but it will not be selected by default. In user mode, the schedule tab of a selected UDR will also display the CSV option.

Announcement and Notifications

Announcements Restyled

The Redwood style is now used for Announcements.

Audit Logs

Audit Logs Show Changes from Mobile Users

Audit logs now show when a user on the iOS or Android mobile app creates or updates records, and when line items are added or updated.

How can I find out what is different between releases?

Use the Cumulative Feature Overview (CFO) to see a list of changes we have made between releases.

Deprecations and Removals

The following features and tools are removed in version 22.2 and are no longer supported:

  • Classic UI in the Portfolio Manager
  • Public Searches
  • Xcelsius Custom Dashboards
  • uCad Plug-in
  • Legacy Custom Print Templates using Microsoft Word and Adobe LiveCycle
  • Project Performance Module & Earned Value Module
  • Configuration of Discussion Groups in Workflow Business Process Setups



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论文:《The Factual Inconsistency Problem in Abstractive Text Summarization: A Survey》 Yichong Huang , Xiachong Feng , Xiaocheng Feng and Bing Qin Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval Harbin Institute of Technology, Chi…

MongoDB 主从集群 1

说到集群,生产环境中很多服务都会进行集群部署,那么 mongodb 的集群都有哪些知识点需要掌握呢 mongodb 集群 分为 主从集群 和分片集群 ,先从主从集群开始 为什么需要集群? 为了保障服务的高可用 我们可以知道,如果…


1、FTP 文件传送协议FPT(File Transfer Protocol)是互联网上使用的最广泛的文件传输协议。FTP提供交互式访问,允许客户指明文件的类型与格式,并允许文件具有存取权限(如访问文件的用户必须经过授权,如输入有…


**## 电脑安装两个MySQL服务,再也不用担心一个版本不能用了,因为我在开发的时候用到的数据库版本往往需要进行转换所以特别麻烦,于是便想着直接安装两个版本的补救解决问题了吗。 1.安装第一步 下载MySQL进入官网进行下载 MySQL官网&#xff…